The 44th Anniversary of the 1966 Original Reagan Campaign Team Reunion

June 18th, 2010

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To be held in Santa Barbara, CA in cooperation with the owner’s of Ronald & Nancy Reagan’s beloved RANCHO DEL CIELO on the mountaintop overlooking the blue Pacific Ocean to the West and the incomparable Santa Ynez Valley and the picturesque Danish Village of Solvang to the East.

The Reagan Ranch is owned by the Young America’s Foundation which also owns the Reagan Ranch Center in downtown Santa Barbara, across from the Historic train station at U.S. Highway 101 & State streets.

The Reagan Ranch Center has recently undergone a total and complete restoration from an old four-story, Spanish motif hotel to a multi-use office, study / seminar center, Reagan Museum, luncheon & dinner facility for special visitors from around the world. A Who’s Who of high-caliber public officials from former presidential administrations, and it has primarily venues for the teaching of Conservative Values to America’s high school, college and university students in their now famed, exciting and sought-after: LEADERSHIP CONFERENCES, to help instill Reagan’s principles in America’s youth! To help carry on Reagan’s Legacy. To present sound arguments to combat untrue dogma and theory such as the latest socialist tendencies and teachings, statements and text books, from the highest levels of our government to grammar, middle and high school students across America.

After the guests tour the RR Ranch Center, the author & his wife will host an old-fashioned Western Bar B Que at Rancho Del Cielo on Tuesday, July 13th where, hopefully, Member of the Board of Governor’s for the RR Ranch and former U.S. Secret Service Agent John Barletta, author of “Riding with Reagan,” will speak on his stellar days with President Reagan at the Ranch.

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