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  Reagan, What Was He Really Like?

New Covers, Newly enhanced Photos, along with a never-before-published Cover Color-Photo, packed with new Endorsements & Praise, PLUS a New, Clearer, Brighter Look on every page!

Curtis Patrick and his Author-Team of dedicated colleagues, former Reagan Staffers and experts in their fields, along with MORGAN-JAMES Publishing have created a Winner to compliment the remarkable Qualities, Demeanor Accomplishments, Example & Legacy of Ronald Reagan!

This New Edition contains less than half of the Interviews Patrick gathered from 49 of his colleagues, friends and fellow staffers, many of whom worked with and for Reagan for over 44 years; beginning at the Dawn of his political career. The rest will appear in Vol.2. & Vol.3.

"Reagan: What Was He Really Like? Volume 1" offers up some 40 pages of really terrific photographs many of which have not been seen in decades.
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The Author and Colleagues share their intimate, behind-the-scenes stories, anecdotes, insights and revelations about the Reagans—many of which have never been told before!


These books give insight and revelations about Ronald Reagan and his family from the very start of his political career, when Reagan delivered his national address, THE SPEECH, a Time for Choosing, on behalf of Senator Barry Goldwater’s Presidential Campaign in October of 1964.


In REAGAN: WHAT WAS HE REALLY LIKE? VOL.1., just after the Table of Contents, you will find the Original First Newsletter published, July 17, 1968, by Communications Director Lyn Nofziger and the governor’s staff, entitled: THE CAPITOL REPORT, Governor Reagan’s First Eighteen Months—Special Edition. It consisted of six pages of “Governor Reagan’s Accomplishments of the First Eighteen Months,” covering everything from “Cut, Squeeze & Trim,” Higher Education Priority and Task Force Savings, to Administration Achievements in Minority Area. Powerful statements on real & tangible progress!


Each chapter starts with a title indicative of the Interviewee, his or her personality, character and persona or that person’s unique job description for which they are best known, especially if that job was involved in one of the campaigns. Under the Chapter Title, is a photo of the Interviewee and that person’s name. Below that are one or two of his or her most poignant key quotes; about their personal analysis of Ronald Reagan. Many times direct quotes from conversations with Reagan and vignettes with him.


A brief resume, backgrounder or history of the Interviewee continues along with the author’s questions followed by the Interviewees’ answers. One question begets another as the recollections mount and the flood of recollections begin to flow out of the author and the Interviewee, colleague & friend. They just “spill” out like a small stream as it goes over the rapids and becomes a mighty river, as one, after another gushes out to the delight and astonishment of the other party; each triggering latent, decades-old memories and the tears and laughter flow freely in the easy, conversational exchange.


Each Interviewee was gracious enough to agree to sign a Release, allowing the author, when finished with the writing, publishing & distributing the books, to donate the individual hi-resolution tape recorded sessions, later converted to crystal-clear CD’s, to be donated to either the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library archives in Simi Valley, California or the Reagan Ranch Center / Young America’s Foundation in Santa Barbara, California; each of which is working and dedicated to preserving the Reagan’s legacy.


These books answer often-asked questions, such as: How did Reagan treat his children? How did they treat Ron and Nancy?

How did Reagan deal with disagreeable legislators, his staff, Cabinet Officers, death threats, dangerous situations---such as thousands of screaming, spitting, unruly chanting crowds of demonstrators: Anti-War to Union Farm Workers to students against college & university tuition---marching on the State Capitol Building & The Governor’s Office. What did Reagan do when he got mad?


What did he do when confronted by a gang of well-armed, trench coat-clad Black Panther Party members entering and searching the hallways and offices of the State Capitol Building---looking for Reagan---called “The Man” by his security detail---who spotted them coming his direction as he exited a first floor news conference?


These and dozens of other examples are fleshed out in detail, as never before!


See and hear the inside “scoop” as if you were actually there, on the “team” every day and every night.

Nancy Clark ReynoldsAs Nancy Clark Reynolds, Media Advisor to Communications Director, Lyn Nofziger said, “Even after working fourteen and eighteen hour days, I could hardly wait to get to work the next morning!”


“Reagan was gracious---and---FUNNY! He had people ‘in stitches’ all the time---and he was a total gentleman.”


Rex Hime, U.C. Davis student during the 1966 Reagan for Governor Campaign, an early supporter, and later appointed by President Reagan as his representative to the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency said, “He, Reagan, was the Sequoia and we were the branches!”


The Table of Contents gives an overview of those same key quotes, along with a very brief “thumbnail” biography of each Interviewee.


Pick and choose what interests you and come away with a personal view of what Reagan was REALLY all about; and have fun doing it!





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Dear Curtis:

I finished your wonderful book, Reagan, ,What Was He Really Like? You certainly delivered en the title - I felt as if I were part of an "insiders club" reading the various interviews and anecdotes...




Eric Herzik Professor and Chair
Department of Political Science
University of Nevada



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