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Now Available!

Volume II has been released!

What Was He Really Like

Reagan, What Was He Really Like?


Volume II has been released: Thirteen years in the making! Powerful, yet intimate, insider’s revelations and stories of the fundamental principles, reasons and prescience that drove Governor and later President Ronald Reagan to accomplish his goals and achieve his many successes! Many of these First Person stories have never been disclosed before!


Read and see, as you are taken back to the dawn of Reagan’s political career, and all the way into the White House, how Reagan handled every complex situation which could possibly occur to a public official of a major, large Western state (California), rising above the fray to tackle the most serious issues imaginable, even at his own peril. Read an introspective analysis of Reagan’s mind-set, his goals, his quirks, his positive and negative characteristics, how he solved problems and handled tough assignments and responsibilities---revealed through the eyes of a few trusted colleagues who kept some of the secrets to themselves for decades. You are there!

Learn what those who were Reagan’s closest confidants and staffers heard and saw—FIRST HAND! Follow nineteen more, in Vol.2., of my colleagues, friends and mentors, some who started with RR before he ever decided to run for Governor of California, as they probe the depths of Reagan’s mind and character to find the real essence of RR; like NEVER before.


View over One Hundred Never Before Seen photographs, some from the recently discovered files of one of Reagan’s Premier photographers over a forty year span, Don Dornan; exclusively granted for use in this book!



  Reagan, What Was He Really Like?

New Covers, Newly enhanced Photos, along with a never-before-published Cover Color-Photo, packed with new Endorsements & Praise, PLUS a New, Clearer, Brighter Look on every page!

Curtis Patrick and his Author-Team of dedicated colleagues, former Reagan Staffers and experts in their fields, along with MORGAN-JAMES Publishing have created a Winner to compliment the remarkable Qualities, Demeanor Accomplishments, Example & Legacy of Ronald Reagan!


This New Edition contains less than half of the Interviews Patrick gathered from 49 of his colleagues, friends and fellow staffers, many of whom worked with and for Reagan for over 44 years; beginning at the Dawn of his political career. The rest will appear in Vol.2. & Vol.3.

The Author and Colleagues share their intimate, behind-the-scenes stories, anecdotes, insights and revelations about the Reagans—many of which have never been told before!


Ronald Reagan and Curtis Patrick

The purpose of these books is to present intimate glimpses of Ronald Reagan, as remembered by many of my colleagues and me in a factual, enjoyable and relaxed format.


The model for these books came from a small book entitled: LINCOLN AS I KNEW HIM, Gossip, Tributes & Revelations from His Best Friends and Worst Enemies compiled & edited by Harold Holzer, Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill 1999. Mr. Holzer has published many fine books on Lincoln. He stripped away the myths and legends to uncover the authentic Abraham Lincoln. When he wrote and published his outstanding synthesis on the authenticity of Lincoln, He was Vice President for Communications at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. This is what I have endeavored to do with Ronald Reagan.



In each chapter, one or two individuals recalls and relives memories of some of “those thrilling days of yesteryear,” when we worked eight, twelve and even fourteen hour days for the Reagans.


From his Chief of Staff and later U.S. Attorney General, Edwin Meese III, to his Scheduling Secretary in the Office of Governor Reagan, Patricia Gayman, the real magician who always walked a “tight-rope” trying to please those who had legitimate reasons for seeing the governor, and then trying to satisfy the needs and necessities of legislators, Cabinet Officers in governing the largest state in the Union, and then one of the hardest tasks anyone could shoulder, pleasing Nancy Reagan, whose concerns centered on her husband’s good health, rest-periods and being ‘home for dinner!’ Not to mention the Reagan’s crowded social calendar.


Ronald Reagan's 100th Birthday was celebrated at the RR Library and the newly renovated Museum with a gala event.
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From the Governor’s Cabinet Officers, Agency & Department heads, Volunteers, GOP officials, interns, advance-men (as they were called in those days), Special Services security team members, CHP officers /drivers came priceless insider’s first-person recollections and stories presented in an easy to read conversational prose and a Question & Answer format; many of which have never been published before. A number of them describe events, activities and the interaction between Reagan, his staff, his family and closest confidants. Some tell his inner-most feelings.


Many of these men and women started out as boys and girls in colleges and universities all over California in 1964 and 1965 and worked “in the trenches” to help Reagan win the Republican nomination and later the challenging and game-changing race for Governor in 1966! Many continued working on projects for the Reagans through the “Hiatus Years” and later were brought into the White House during his presidency.


Open one of the books to any chapter and begin reading. Each chapter stands on it’s own. The reader is consumed by the descriptions from each of the interviewees, as memories come alive! The reader is enveloped as he or she breathes in the true essence of Ronald Reagan.


You will see hundreds of never-before-published photos from staffer’s and friend’s personal collections and be treated, when fully transcribed, to CD’s of some of the most poignant comments about Reagan ever recorded, from those who were there and knew him Best!



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